In the heart of D2DR's mission lies a commitment that extends beyond love and shelter; it's about ensuring every dachshund in our care receives the highest standard of medical attention and a chance at a fulfilling life. This commitment, although rewarding, comes with significant financial responsibilities—something our Angel membership helps support profoundly.

Take, for instance, the story of two cherished senior wire-haired dachshunds, who found sanctuary with us on 11th November 2020. Entrusted to our care as their beloved owner transitioned to a high-care facility, these spirited seniors, now 16, have flourished under the loving watch of their permanent foster carer, Kate Freeman. Despite their age and the occasional medical scare, their joy and vitality are a testament to the life-enhancing care we strive to provide. Living with Kate, amidst the lively hustle of a small farm filled with dachshunds, they’ve experienced a quality of life that’s truly heartwarming.

This level of care, however, comes at a cost. For Saki and Gus alone, vet and specialist bills have surged to $19,416.50—a figure that underscores the financial realities of our dedication. Yet, we’ve never wavered in our commitment. Our open-door policy means every dachshund, regardless of age or health challenges, finds a haven with D2DR. It’s a policy driven by love but fuelled by the financial support of our community.

The adoption fees we charge are not just transactions; they’re investments in the futures of these deserving dogs. They enable us to cover extensive medical bills, ensuring that each dachshund receives the care they need to thrive. By choosing to adopt and support D2DR, you’re directly contributing to a continuum of care that transforms lives—not just for the dachshunds, but for the families they join.

So, when we talk about adoption fees, know that it’s more than a number. It’s a lifeline for dachshunds in need, a support for the tireless carers who open their homes, and a testament to the difference we can make together. Your support, whether through adoption, membership, or donation, weaves you into the fabric of stories like Saki and Gus’s—stories of hope, care, and endless wagging tails.

Thank you for considering this support. Together, we can continue to offer second chances to those little paws that leave the biggest imprints on our hearts.

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