At Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue, our commitment to an "open door" policy underscores our philosophy of inclusivity, ensuring no dachshund is left behind. This commitment, deeply fulfilling as it is, comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when facing substantial surgical costs crucial for our rescued dogs' quality of life. While not as immediately life-threatening as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), conditions like Pes Varus demand timely interventions to ensure our dachshunds can live their lives fully and comfortably.

Currently, we are caring for five dachshunds: Coco, Daisy, Skyler, and Steve, all requiring Pes Varus surgeries, and Lenny, who needs surgery for an angular limb deformity. Pes Varus is a genetic condition that causes the hind legs to bow inward, leading to significant walking difficulties and discomfort. Surgical intervention can dramatically improve a dog’s mobility and quality of life.

We are reaching out to our community for ideas and support to help raise the necessary funds for these crucial surgeries. Any ideas, sponsorships, or contributions you can offer would be greatly appreciated as we strive to balance urgent medical needs with ongoing care requirements. Every bit of support helps us get closer to providing these essential surgeries for our dachshunds, who are waiting to start a new chapter in their lives with better health and happiness.

Coco - single Pes Varus surgery
Daisy - double Pes Varus surgery
Skyler - double Pes Varus surgery
Lenny - front leg deformity
Steve - double Pes Varus surgery

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