Balancing her role as a Risk Manager by day and a devoted Dachshund caretaker around the clock, Amy Innes brings a unique perspective to the Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue (D2DR) community. Although she was exposed to her Grandma's Dachshund breeding efforts as a child, Amy's journey took a pivotal turn after the loss of her beloved dog, Muffin. Her subsequent adoption of Frankie and Lilly, two Dachshunds from different backgrounds, has enriched her understanding and has become a wellspring of firsthand knowledge for guiding potential foster carers and adopters.

Amy's true calling lies in working with non-profit organisations, particularly those dedicated to animal welfare. Her involvement with D2DR combines her professional skills with her lifelong passion for animals. Having contributed to numerous meaningful projects throughout her career, she finds her work with D2DR to be particularly fulfilling. In an environment filled with engaging events and attention-loving pups, Amy considers herself truly blessed.

Looking ahead, Amy aspires to train Frankie and Lilly as brand ambassadors for D2DR, aiming to deepen her involvement and further her impact within this supportive and loving community.