Having recently stepped into the chapter of full-time retirement after over 40 years of work, Tony Brecht is leveraging his newfound time to deepen his commitment to Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue (D2DR) as the Treasurer. Tony's connection to Dachshunds goes back to his childhood, but it was in 1986 when he purchased his first Dachshund as an adult, marking the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the breed.

While his second Dachshund, acquired in the early '90s, became his first "unofficial" rescue, Tony has never stopped extending his home to these lovable canines. The recent loss of his last standard Dachshund at 15 years of age was painful, yet it gave him the impetus to adopt another from D2DR, making it his first "official" rescue. With two minis now sharing his home, one of whom was recently adopted, Tony suspects that his rescue endeavours are far from over.

As he settles into retirement, Tony is keen to expand his role with D2DR by directly participating in fostering and the rehabilitation of Dachshunds surrendered for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) surgery. With a heartfelt desire to invest more time into the welfare of a breed that has brought him immense joy, Tony looks forward to supporting D2DR's essential work in even more substantial ways.