Jessica McGourty is a seasoned devotee of the Dachshund breed, having been a loving dachshund mum for over two decades. Her affair with these four-legged companions began with her first girl, Roxy, who lit the flame for an abiding passion focused especially on female Dachshunds. As a testament to her commitment, Jessica has served as a foster carer for Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue (D2DR) for the past 6 years, and she also holds the role of Secretary for the organisation.

In a life that's far from mono-dimensional, Jessica balances her roles as a part-time Accounts Consultant and a mother to two young children. Her household is enriched by the presence of two adopted Dachshunds: Kima, a Red Smooth, and Bindy, a Black and Cream Longhair. Beyond this, she also provides a forever foster home to Diva, a 15-year-old Red Smooth, and Wilma, a 7-year-old Black and Tan Smooth.

Living a life steeped in multi-faceted responsibilities, Jessica cherishes the joy and solace her Dachshunds bring. Their presence not only complements her busy life but also reinforces her commitment to bettering the lives of Dachshunds in need through her vital work with D2DR.