Renee Meadows' lifelong love affair with Dachshunds began at the tender age of four when her father introduced her to a charismatic black and tan standard puppy named Noddy. While the memory of Noddy remained cherished, it took another forty years before Renee could welcome another Dachshund into her life. That Dachshund was Ollie, who at a spry ten years old, continues to bring boundless joy to Renee's life.

Two years after Ollie's arrival, Renee adopted Oscar, a 14-year-old mini long-haired rescue Dachshund. Despite being completely deaf and triumphing over Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Oscar epitomises resilience and remains a true survivor. Then there's Peggy, a delightful long-haired Dachshund who initially came into Renee's life as a foster. However, when Victoria plunged into COVID lockdown, Peggy became a permanent part of the family, completing their trio of treasured Dachshunds.

As a grateful member of the Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue (D2DR) community, Renee feels incredibly fortunate to be involved in a network that is as loving and supportive as the Dachshunds that have graced her life. For Renee, each day with her Dachshunds is a reminder of the extraordinary power of love and community.