Mandy Fiveash's journey with Dachshunds began with an endearing visit from Milo, her daughter's lively Dachshund puppy, who embraced life with unparalleled zest. The addition of Lenny, another delightful Dachshund, to her daughter's family further cemented Mandy's affection for the breed. As the go-to babysitter, she relished the joy and energy they brought, especially during their swim sessions at Nana’s house.

Mandy's deep connection with Dachshunds took a more committed turn in June 2018 when she adopted Shortie, aged 9, and Mollie, aged 8, from Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue (D2DR). The pair seamlessly integrated into her family, displaying immense love and affection. Although Shortie sadly passed away after two and a half years, Mollie continued to thrive until she reached 13 and a half years.

Mandy's dedication to the breed extended beyond adoption. Just weeks after welcoming Shortie and Mollie, she began fostering with D2DR. Her first foster, Frankie, was a timid mini Dachshund who needed careful nurturing. Mandy has since continued to provide short-term care, particularly for senior Dachshunds, helping them live their golden years in comfort and love. This ongoing commitment to fostering reflects her deep understanding and love for Dachshunds, making her an invaluable member of the D2DR community.