Ricky Grierson, the impassioned founder of D2DR, is a dedicated dachshund lover and advocate residing in Brisbane. Happily married to John Grierson and blessed with a large family of four children and ten grandchildren, Ricky is also a devoted fur-mum to four dachshunds—each of whom has a heartwarming rescue story. Her journey with these affectionate dogs began in 2005 with her first dachshund, Gracie. This black and tan bundle of joy occupied not just Ricky's home, but also a special place in the hearts of her entire family until her passing in 2015 from Congestive Heart Failure.

Ricky's commitment to rescuing dachshunds ignited when she adopted Winston, a 7.5-month-old pup with a heart-wrenching backstory involving physical abuse and neglect. This eye-opening experience unveiled the grim realities of animal cruelty and motivated Ricky to make a solemn pledge: to dedicate her life to rescuing and rehoming dachshunds in need. Thus was born her round-the-clock volunteer work with D2DR. Through unyielding perseverance, Ricky has become an inspirational figure in the dachshund rescue community. Alongside her family, Ricky has extended her love and home to three more rescued dachshunds, embodying her belief that every dachshund deserves a life filled with love, respect, and a warm bed to snuggle in.