Born into a family where Dachshunds were more than just pets—they were a way of life—Sandra Beevers has always shared her home with this lovable breed. Her first Dachshund, Elsa, arrived when she was five, but her real journey began with Klara at the age of 12. Over the years, her family welcomed multiple Dachshunds, amassing a count of over 17 amongst relatives and close friends.

When Sandra established her own home, the magnetic pull of the breed drew her to Harvey, marking the start of her independent journey with Dachshunds. This was followed by the arrival of Ellie, and later Sacha and Nikkita, who found a new home with Sandra after her mother's passing. When they too passed, Maggie and Ivy chose her, completing her current family which consists of one human, four Dachshunds, and two cats.

In addition to her deep personal connection with Dachshunds, Sandra has merged her passion for the breed with her entrepreneurial spirit through her business, Harvey's Paws, specializing in custom-made dog coats. Her involvement in various Dachshund-related online communities led her to D2DR (Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue). Impressed by their mission and fundraising efforts, Sandra was thrilled to be invited to serve as a Director on the Committee of Management in 2022.

Through her role at D2DR, Sandra has not only met many Dachshund enthusiasts but has also encountered the harsh realities that sometimes lead families to surrender their pets. As a foster parent and fundraiser, she works diligently to provide these vulnerable Dachshunds with a second chance. For Sandra, any day she can contribute even a small amount to the well-being of this cherished breed is a day well-spent—a sentiment she reflects upon as she hugs her own Dachshunds a little tighter.