Selina Meurant, a devoted single mother to her daughter Isabella, always dreamed of owning a 'sausage dog.' Her dream materialised in 2015 when Fudge, a Black and Tan pup, joined their family, swiftly followed by Snickers in 2016. Despite initially setting stringent household rules for Fudge, Selina found that love knows no boundaries; the rules crumbled the moment she held her new pup. The decision to extend her family with Snickers has been rewarding; the pair has been inseparable from day one.

Selina was introduced to D2DR through a dachshund community group where she met Ricky, the founder. Deeply moved by D2DR's noble mission to rescue and rehome dachshunds, she began contributing as a fundraiser and later became a committed foster carer. Her journey in dachshund rescue truly began when she fostered Harry, her first dachshund in need. Now a Director for D2DR, Selina is ardently committed to fulfilling her promise: to help as many dachshunds as possible and reciprocate the immense love and joy this beloved breed brings into countless lives.